4-Vessels brewhouse

In designing its modular brewhouses, Lehui draws on a wide range of manufacturing experience combined with creative design flexibility to build a brewhouse that meets your individual production needs and adapts to your space possibilities.

The 4-Vessels brewhouse (Mash+Lauter+Wort+Whirlpool) is fully tested prior to shipment to make on-site installation and start-up as easy and time efficient as possible. As standard, a Lehui brewhouse has a Siemens process control system and is 80% equipped with high quality imported equipment - primarily from Europe - such as Nord gears, Endress & Hauser flow meters, temperature and pressure equipment from IFM, steam valves from Spirax Sarco, etc. This makes it much easier for our European customers to obtain spare parts and also simplifies access to other after-sales services. With this high standard, Lehui provides and ensures a cost effective solution for your functional and highly efficient brewing process. 

With a brew time of 7.5 hours and a cycle time of only 3.5 hours (requires separate mash tun and lauter tun), you can achieve three brews in 15 hours.

You can also customize the layout to suit your space: opt for a linear design, a triangular formation, an L-shape, or develop any other configuration with Lehui. With our experienced designers, you will create a state-of-the-art brewhouse for your individual brewing processes at competitive prices, which will be delivered to you fully tested at the final stage.


- Fully engineered, wired, piped, automated and water tested at our manufacturing facility to ensure minimal installation and downtime on site.

- Over 80% of components are purchased from European suppliers as standard

- Frequency converter for wort pump and motor

- Hinged spring-loaded DN480 mandoors.

- Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic Siemens control.

- Fully welded stainless steel casing

- Fully welded and assembled CIP system

- Pre-mashers for increased yield and better lautering

- Internal or external wort boiling.

- Heat recovery

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