Clean and Green

Lehui is a pioneer in terms of environmentally friendly and gentle production and is increasingly focusing on clean energies and environmental management, especially with regard to waste water and exhaust gas management and reuse, but also in the use of alternative energies.

Ningbo factory

Ningbo Xizhou

Process Technology

This modern plant was built in 2004 on an area of 98,000 m². In 2017, Lehui participated in the photovoltaic project and contributed to grid-connected electricity generation to use green energy. Lehui is fully certified according to ISO 9001, ASME, PED, GOST, AS1210, etc., so that its products can be distributed worldwide. More than 600 skilled workers and 100 engineers and project managers work at the company headquarters in Ningbo Xizhou for our customers around the world.

Nanjing factory


Packaging Machines

The Lehui plant in Nanjing was put into operation in 2009. Here the focus is on the production of packaging machines for beer, spirits, beverages and dairy products.

The company is equipped with many first-class manufacturing facilities such as Mazak's digital machining centre, Swidish's 8-axis tube bending machine, etc.  In addition, Nanjing can produce high-end equipment such as an aseptic PET filling line. 

Xiangshan factory

Ningbo Xiangshan

Large Vessels

This large-scale factory near the port of Xiangshan was opened in early 2020. It covers an area of 60,000 m² and is equipped with advanced processing machinery, including a large-head spinning machine with a diameter of 10 m, a German laser welding machine with 5,000 kW power, an automatic SAF welding machine, etc. The factory is located right next to the deep-water quay, which facilitates the worldwide transport of large-sized equipment and vessels at lower logistics costs.

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